Transcending Language Barriors with Wartburg Choir – Mari Butler

Patriotism 5

We can understand Patriotism. The Turkish flag was everywhere!

Water Bus

Things were different, but concepts were the same. The public transportation in Venice: water buses.

We Love You

So much history – check us out at Dante’s tomb!


Luther’s room, where he translated the Bible into German so that even the peasants could read the word of the the Lord.

car 2

Feeling at home across the ocean in Eisenach.

Lamp Posts

We spent a romantic, drizzly night in France. The place of love and lights. Technically, I think that’s Paris, but I was just so happy to be back in France, I don’t care. I was able to order my food in French! I have missed that. 🙂


Familiar German words! I can’t say I missed the Kdit back home – European coffee cannot be trumped!

Church 1

It’s hard to find the words to describe the deep connection we now have to this place… the symbolism of the statue, the way our chapel mimics this one’s design… it’s all very meaningful and has been instilled forever in our hearts.


Possibly the most beautiful church in the world, places like the Duomo connected us through religion wherever we went.

Host Sisters

Our host sisters in Oringing, Germany!


Art transcends time and language and transforms meaning into emotion and universal understanding. Simply breathtaking.

Graffiti 2

Beauty and love even in the most unexpected places…

Tuscany 5

We sang in a Roman church in the Tuscany countryside. the message of our music always drew a crowd. The connection we made to communities was arguably more beautiful than “O Magnum.”

Beautiful Day

Bonding on a beautiful day!


Making Slovakian friends…


Just as we can communicate with our music, music can communicate to us! We loved listening to a Strauss/Mozart concert in Austria!

Klaus 2

One of my favorite parts of tour was the connections and friends I now have across the world. How amazing is that? This is Klaus, our homestay in Romania.


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