Tour in a Nutshell

Tour in a Nutshell

20140424_091504 Start of a journey. Plane buddies!
20140424_111743 A beautiful sunset as we boarded the connecting flight to Bucharest. Tour has begun.
100_0681 The stray Romanian dogs wanted to come with us. Romania has an awful amount of stray dogs.
100_1053 Visited a church in Sibiu which is dedicated to being environmentally friendly and they had these wooden constructions. It was built to symbolize that while light shines in the windows, the church’s light shines outward with the light of God and that of the church’s dedication to service.
100_1092 Experienced our first church service in all German. This is the hymnal. It was amazing that when we started the Lord’s Prayer, the German and English combined and was a chilling experience.
100_1280 After the longest bus ride of the trip, we got to our house just outside of Budapest where a local band gave us a mini concert. The best part was when they started “Mighty to Save” and while they sang in Hungarian, we sang it in English and it was awesome.
100_1488100_1492 Today in Budapest we went to go see the copper shoes which were put in place to remember those Jews that were killed by being shot into the river. The shoes are there because before they were shot, they were asked to remove their shoes. This was one of the most powerful things we saw on the trip.
100_1529 This is the vineyard behind the church where we sang in Modra. We were housed in the dorms for the wine production school and had a cool wine tasting reception after the concert.
100_1562100_1706 The top picture is the Hunderwasser Haus which we didn’t get to go into but I thought was awesome because that’s what I did our original research on for our prezi. Also, we got to chill and watch the sunset in Vienna from the steps of the library.
100_1883 We rented bikes to go see the Salzburg gardens which were incredibly pretty, even in the rain.
100_1969 This is the church where we would be performing. It was crazy to think that so many people would be coming to the concert that aren’t even from Italy but are just other tourists just like ourselves. So many connections to be made.
100_2107 This is just one of the most picturesque views in Venezia. The streets are a maze but there are some awesome things to be found if you are looking.
100_2115 This was spray painted on a wall in Ravenna where we stopped for lunch. I like it because it shows that we really need to put WWII behind us and throw away those ideas.
100_2223 On our walking tour, the guide pointed out that on many buildings there are these things showing the underside. At one time, they wanted to completely redo the exteriors and make them more modern. Well they left some spots exposed so they could see what it used to look like. I thought that was a really cool.
100_2272 Obligatory Pisa picture.
100_2358 This is our free afternoon in Milano which Haylee and I spent in this beautiful park. It was such a relaxing way to spend the afternoon journaling.
100_2446 This picture is a representation reminder to never enter into another war as we are left to rebuild which is what these blocks symbolize. Such a neat way to serve as a reminder of the destruction of disputes.
100_2571 Tonight before the concert we saw a double rainbow. It was so awesome because we saw both sides of it and the end of on side landed in the vineyard we passed!
100_2631 The one language I almost know and we only spend a day in the country. France has so much more, but here is the quaint street that we saw on our way to find lunch.
100_2659 So many connections. Found out that the spires on the church in Neuendettlesau were the inspiration for the double spires on the chapel at Wartburg. It is such a cool town which also has a dedication to service.
100_2683 Since Neuendettlsau has many connections to Wartburg, we spent a little longer here this morning so we could explore. There was this wonderful little store that sold gifts made by handicap individuals who work in town. This is one of the gifts; I would have bought one, however, he would not have fit in my suitcase.
100_2721 Rothenburg Germany. So many cool shops. I’m not one to like shopping, but they had a lot of cool places. My favorite was the sword shop which had tons of cool things.
100_2756 This is one of the houses in Eisenach that the government is selling and I guess there is talk about starting a Wartburg East program where students can go to Eisenach to study or do an internship. I think this would be a wonderful opportunity and I hope it is seriously considered.

Today at the Castle, seeing where St. Elizabeth lived, and seeing this mosaic that is part of the story of her life, it really inspired me to find more ways to serve. Born into royalty, she wanted to give back knowing that others had far less than herself so she gave her life to God and promised to serve others.

This second picture I wanted to include as well because for me it was one of the most interesting on the trip. We visited the Bachhaus which had an exhibit on how mathematics and music is related and since that is my major, I got really excited about it.

100_3424 This is my host family from Eisenach. They attended the concert at the Wartburg Castle and it was wonderful to get to share that with them. They are really just the sweetest couple; Katelyn and I really enjoyed our time with them.
100_3438 On our way into Eisenach, found the sign that tells all of their sister cities. Proud to be from one of them!
100_3527 Learning about Islam and respecting their beliefs by wearing a scarf at the Blue Mosque, while we were there today, I felt my own faith growing. We really aren’t that different; Our roots are the same.
100_3911 The underground cistern that we saw was really cool. Dark and mysterious, it is also a source of power because water is so important in the lives of people. The control of the water determines the fate of the people. Good thing they had Medusa heads protecting the cistern. 
100_3961 One final look at Istanbul, we had a wonderful view of the water as we drove to the airport before departing. It was such a beautiful place to end such a wonderful journey.

A wonderful tour with wonderful people.
Alyssa Hanson


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