Final Reflection: European Tour 2014


-While on a tour over fortified churches, we saw this on the side of the church. I immediately thought of Dr. Nelson’s conductor stand back at Wartburg which has this engraved in it.


-Just some of the guys relaxing on the ledge after our fantastic day in Budapest.


-The church in Budapest was quite the surprise for me. Out of all of the spaces we sang and the amazing cathedrals we saw, this was my favorite church to sing in by far! You never know when you’re going to have one of those unforgettable concerts; Budapest was one of them.


-How lucky are we to do some senior tributes and stretch our legs out after the long bus rides, especially with a view like this? Truly breathtaking!


-So much beauty in Salzburg from the castle all the way to this garden across town.


-It was so fascinating to see all the different colors and styles of locks in this one place. It made something so simple, creatively beautiful.


-What would a trip to Italy be without Venice! It was very fascinating to see people get around the city by boats, not cars.


-It always made me smile to see a flyer for our concert when we were in different countries and to see it in a different language.




It was nice to see a different side of Milan aside from the fashion.


-The home stays always brought you the closest to the culture. In Ohringhen we truly saw the city. From the castles to the vast apple tree fields.


-It was very interesting to see all the connections to Wartburg and how it begun in Neundettlesau.


-So many parts about Wartburg College can be seen at the castle. When I saw this I felt like I was walking up the stairs, heading toward the Mensa.


-Sir Victor at the Castle!



-Just like the pillars outside the Wartburg Chapel


-A mighty fortress is our God.


-Even with everything going on within the city, it didn’t stop the people from coming out. It was such a honor to heal those people with our music.



Nothing compares to the experience I have been provided in the last month! I have experienced more through the Wartburg Choir than I have in my entire life. These pictures can only show a fraction of the memories, connections, and friendships made. Through this tour I learned to be patient. I noticed that everything in Europe had such good quality to it whether it was the food or something you were looking to buy. I definitely learned that sometimes puting more working into something will give you a much better result. I learned to try new things, new foods, and new ideas. Lastly, from this tour I found a strong interest to learn a different language. If someone has put in the time to learn our language than why shouldn’t I return the favor. I will never forget this past month and I have never felt more humbled and honored to be part of something of this magnitude.

-Justin Ladage


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