Christopher Kurt

This tour taught me a lot, but the biggest thing has been seeing interactions between people and myself. I thoroughly enjoy talking with the people that make me comfortable because its easy, it brings me joy, and its safe. But, creating new connections while maintaining my old ones has been a struggle for me until this tour. On this tour, I maintained my old relationships while expanding on my new ones. I have people like Chris M, Joe S, and Jud L that have been there with me since the beginning of choir and my Eisenach home stay, whom I got the privilege to stay with again this tour. But, I got to see how others interacted with each other and myself in a genuine way, whether they were new friends in choir or new friends in Germany. People have shared themselves through pictures, art, wine, history, churches, etc on this tour and those things will stick with me until the end.IMG_0985 IMG_1021 IMG_1285 IMG_1318 IMG_1676 IMG_1738 IMG_1854 IMG_1964 IMG_2191 IMG_2516 IMG_2580 IMG_2688 IMG_2801 IMG_2824 IMG_2945 IMG_3194 IMG_3497 IMG_3795 IMG_3804 IMG_3903


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