Andra’s Pictoral Post


Sibiu- It was so wonderful to see and hear the old Transylvanian organ music. What a great link to the past!


Hammersdorf- It was great to hear about the green practices at this church and how they are attempting to encourage the local farmers!


Neuendettelsau- Drew and I took this picture in front of the Wartburg Chapel last year. After hearing about the great connections, we had to recreate the picture.


Colmar- We explored the town and tasted local cuisine! Such a beautiful “little Venice.”


Bratislava- We went to the natural history museum where an eager gentlemen showed us some fun and interesting things to help us enjoy our visit!


Budapest- This memorial was very moving. I spent time writing in my journal and reflecting upon the history that this city has experienced.


Florence- This dome and the contest executed to find its designer made me think more about architecture and the possibility of failure. There may have been some radical ideas throughout history that haven’t survived!


Öhringen- This was my second stay with my host family and I loved it again! We visited some wonderful small towns nearby and experienced the crazy weather together!


Vienna- I went to the Haus der Musik and loved learning more about the lives of many composers and seeing artifacts such as Schubert’s spectacles! I also learned much more about sound and was able to relate it to information from my Psych of Music class!


Venice- It was so great to see all the adds for our concert, but it was even better to see such a full house. The church was full with many others coming and going. This was definitely our most diverse crowd!


Pisa- We had some fun learning about the architecture of the area!


maybe too much fun…




Stuttgart- I loved the stories we heard about the art in this building and the effect of the war on the town.


Modra- It was such a beautiful morning and I loved my run through the vineyards!


Leipheim- Although we had trouble communicating, our homestay was such a great learning experience. Laughter was our language at this moment!


Milan- Walking around and exploring the city with these gentlemen, we decided to stop and admire some of the names on the Teatro della Scala!


Istanbul- This picture of Hagia Sophia was my favorite because it shows the older Christan mosaic of a Seraph and the Muslim medallion both coexisting peacefully together in the museum.


Salzburg- I went on a journey alone. I hiked around and got a great view of the city! (and of rocky stair paths)


Reggello-Cascia- The story of the triptych in the Masaccio museum was great and I loved the interest we all showed in the great work!


Eisenach- my two host sisters are exploring a waterfall on our hike. The older reminded me of my sister and the younger of myself.

Andra Lee Peeler


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