We are ready!


As I’m sitting on the bus at Wartburg I can’t help reflecting on what has happened this year. The choir has offered so many great opportunities for many generations, and now it’s our turn to make our footprint. The Wartburg Choir members of 2013-2014 have gotten to partake in many great things this year. The year started off at a sprint with home concert right at the start of the year. The new members were welcomed in and everyone was now on the same page. There were no new members and old members, everyone was just a member of this great family. The next big thing for the choir this year was Christmas with Wartburg. That is an experience for the members of the choir and people in attendance. This concert helps heal everyone. Sometimes Christmas isn’t the greatest time for some, and this concert helps everyone see the light and joy that music can bring. After Christmas with Wartburg the choir started sprinting to be prepared for NCACDA. To be invited to this conference is a great honor and the choir did not take this lightly. Preparing for the concert was greatly paid off when the choir got a standing ovation from lots of loved and honored musicians. The choir was on top of a mountain and didn’t come back down as we began to prepare our last few pieces for another concert. The last home concert was emotional for all as the seniors were honored and we sang our last concert on Wartburg’s campus as this years family. As emotional as that concert was the choir didn’t come down from it’s high as we started to prepare for a May term that will change many lives. The opportunity of getting to tour with around 80 other people that feel like a family is something that I know I won’t forget. I don’t even know what to expect with this tour, but I do know that I can’t wait to see where this journey will take us. Across the ocean and to the places unknown the Wartburg Choir will be able to bring hope and joy through the music we sing. I know that I am so excited to start this journey today with this crazy amazing family. We will come back and try to explain to everyone what this trip meant, but words will not be able to explain. Music is something that bridges all cultures, languages and hearts. We will just have to let the music speak for itself.


-Ashley Dickinson


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